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Screwdrivers and wrenches




These are power tools designed for the tightening and opening of screw connections. Screwdrivers for use in so-called hard screwdriving conditions (metal on metal, nuts and bolts on machines) require torque limitation. For this reason they are equipped with a torque clutch and are called torque screwdrivers. For screwdriving in soft materials like wood, the exact depth of penetration is often crucial. An adjustable depth stop is necessary. After the maximum penetration depth has been reached, the clutch disengages the drive spindle. This type of screwdriver is also known as depth stop screwdriver.

A rotary-impact screwdriver can achieve high torque values without producing a strong torque build-up on the hands of the operator. In daily practice these machines are mainly used for hard screwdriving conditions, i.e. for connections involving metal.

As a rule, cordless screwdrivers are equipped with an adjustable torque clutch which is probably the best solution for daily screwdriving practice. (See also Drill/drivers, Rotary screwdrivers, Impact wrenches)