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Cordless sabre saws


Sierra sable ACCU

Scie sabre sans fil

cordless sabre saws are ideally suitable for length cutting in assembly and installation work. Their independence from mains power also allows their application in hard-to-reach and outdoor places. Other areas of application are in horticulture (tree pruning) and installation works.
As in the case of cordless jigsaws, the properties of cordless sabre saws also correspond to those of mains-powered sabre saws. Here, too, crank drive and drive train (motor, transmission) are optimised for cordless operation. However, in comparison to mains-powered versions, cordless sabre saws are much smaller (and more manageable). In order to obtain satisfactory sawing capabilities, powerful cordless sabre saws are only available in the upper operating voltage segment (24 V). Ideally, cordless sabre saws have convertible stroke lengths. Cordless sabre saws with convertible stroke can be perfectly adapted to the required working task.
Rather low stroke power, but high stroke speed and great stroke length is required for woodwork.
Metalwork requires a higher stroke momentum whereas the stroke speed and length can be lower.