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Cordless rotary-impact screwdrivers (impact wrenches)

Akku-Drehschlagschrauber (Schlagschrauber)

Atornilladora de impacto ACCU

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Cordless rotary-impact screwdrivers are mainly used for assembly techniques which require high torque values: tightening and opening of machine screws in shopwindow construction, vehicle construction, apparatus engineering. Also for screw connections involving long
wood screws, e.g. together with frame dowels.
A rotary-impact system in the rotary-impact screwdriver generates sudden rotary impulses of high intensity which create high torque values with relatively little power demand. Due to the mass separation in the impact system the driving torque is able to act with very little restoring torque on the application tool (screwdriver bit or socket) which allows users to master the high torque values very easily. Therefore cordless rotary impact screwdrivers can be designed with high torque delivery and easy manageability. The most important construction type is the centre grip.