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Whitewood is one of the most popular timbers in the United States. The deciduous tree belongs to the magnolia family. It grows in the south and the east of the USA and up to a height of 60 m. Not until it has reached an age of approx. 15 to 20 years do the first blossoms appear in its imposing tiered crown. Then the tulip-shaped flowers are formed which are typical for magnolias.

Under the light, orange-brown bark you find the sometimes rather wide and almost white sapwood section and the greenish-yellow heartwood which takes on a olive-green hue with age. Whitewood timber is available under various trade designations, such as American Whitewood and Yellow Poplar.
The timber resembles the lime-tree or poplar in its technical properties. It can be easily and cleanly processed with all available tools, however cement bonding is difficult. Only in rare instances are the surface film formation and drying after surface treatment with polyester-based varnish disturbed by the wood.
Whitewood is perfect as construction timber for interior fittings and decorations.
Solid Whitewood is used to make battens, profiles, frames or diverse furniture components, Due to its low weight it is also a favourite for model making.
As core wood and middle layer under noble wood veneers Whitewood is often used, e.g. to make pianos.