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Torque M (Nm)

Drehmoment M (Nm)

Par de giro M (unidad de medida Nm)

Couple M (unité de mesure Nm)

Referring to the rotating axle, torque, also called rotary force, is the product of the force (F) multiplied by the length of the lever arm (I). The formula is:

M = F x I


measured in Nm


measured in N


measured in m

A former measuring unit for torque was kpm. 1 mkp 9,81 Nm In the case of gearbox transmission ratios, torque is inversely proportional to the rotational speed; a fact which is expressed by this formula:

n1 : n2 = M2 : M1


= motor speed


= spindle speed


= motor torque


= spindle torque

Example:motor speed = 25 000 RPM motor torque = 5 Nm, spindle speed = 1000 RPM The spindle torque is:

      n1 x M1
M2 = ———————— VM2

      25000 x 5      25 x 5
M2 = ———————————— = ————————— = 125 Nm
        1000           1