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A nibbler is a power tool for non-warping cutting with scrap and for notching mainly sheet metal. The cutter consists of a punch and a die. Nibblers, like shears, are sheet metal processing tools, whereby shears are mainly used for the trimming and edge-planing of metal sheets. Nibblers , however, punch out the cutting track which makes them suitable for cutting up and internal cut-outs. The punching tool consists of a fixed punch and a die which performs a stroke-type motion. The tightest corners can be cut with a round die; the punched-out scrap metal is sickle-shaped. Rectangular dies are for thicker stock and, as a rule, can be re-sharpened. The width of the cutting track is determined by the dimensions of the die. It represents the loss of material which results from the nibbling process. The cutting path is, contrary to shears, non-warping which means that corrugated and trapezoidal sheets can be cut. Internal cut-outs with templates or after tracing are possible, the required pilot hole has to match the diameter of the die.

The maximum depth of cut for specific materials should not be exceeded, this applies especially to high-tensile sheet metal.

Nibblers are predominantly driven by universal motors. The range of BOSCH industrial power tools for sheet metal work includes shears and also nibblers with a pneumatic motor. The operator can choose between several machines with graded cutting capacities.