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Cordless universal shears


Cizalla universal ACCU

Cisaille universelle sans fil

Typical fields of application of battery-powered universal shears are the cutting and trimming of floor coverings, the processing of leather, cardboard and textile fabrics.
Universal shears are equipped with a polygonal circular blade which separates the material which is fed over a stationary counter- blade. The blade is arranged at right angles to the axial direction of the drive shaft and is driven by a 90°-angle transmission. Due to its low power demand, its operating voltage of 7.2 volt is quite sufficient. This makes cordless universal shears exceptionally lightweight and easy-to-operate.
Parallel and angle guides are available as system accessories.
Parallel guides allow precise trimming and the cutting of strips.
Angle guides are used to trim floor coverings and fit them along walls and bottom rails.