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Cordless jigsaws


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Although the sawing power of cordless jigsaws can be easily compared to the corresponding mains-powered models with respect to speed and cutting depth, their cutting length and maximum operating time are restricted on account of the relatively low energy content of their batteries. Therefore one should use cordless jigsaws only for small- to medium-scale tasks. Especially for large-scale jobs they are not an adequate alternative to mainspowered jigsaws.
With respect to their essential mechanical properties cordless jigsaws largely correspond to their mains-powered counterparts in the lower performance segment. Crank drive and drive train (motor, transmission) are optimised for cordless operation. For reasons of manageability cordless jigsaws usually have relatively low operating voltages (14.4?24 volt) to prevent them from becoming too heavy. Machines with an operating voltage of 24 volt are mainly used in the professional field due to the higher performance capability required here. The typical construction type of cordless jigsaws is the top handle version because it allows the integration of the battery into the overall design.