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Tri-Control switch


Interruptor Tri-Control

Interrupteur tri-contrôle

The Tri-Control switch is a safety switch in the latest BOSCH angle grinder generation. It has three functions, as the name suggests:

1st position

In the Off-position the switch is locked which guarantees that the tool cannot be switched on accidentally by manual pressure or by unintentional contact of the switch when the tool is laid down.

The switch button which is enclosed by the operator?s hand needs to be first unlocked by pushing it towards the machine before you can switch the tool on.

2nd position

The switch is now unlocked and can be activated by the operator by holding it in the On-position dead-mans switch function.


The switch can be locked in the On-position for continuous running duty. A brief push of the switch is enough to return it to the Off-position.