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Screw types


Tornillos, tipos de

Types de vis

It would exceed the scope of this encyclopedia if all screw types were to be named here. Only a part of those screws used with power tools will be included in the table in the appendix. Screws are distinguished by

- thread type, thread pitch and thread shape

- shape of the screw head

- screw drive

Most screws for mechanical engineering use metric threads in accordance with DIN 13 and 14. M 8 means that the external thread diameter is 8 mm.

Tapping screws for metal sheets with strengths of up to 12 mm.

Self-drilling screws for steel, aluminium and other NF-metal sheets.

Dry wall screws for plastics, wood, plasterboard and aluminium.

Particle board screws for particle board and chipboard.

Wood screws to screw wooden components together.

Self-drilling wing screws to fasten wood on metal underlays.

Flush-fitting screws for watertight attachment of roof coverings.

Tapping screws are designed for one-step screw connections using hardened self-tapping screws. No separate thread-cutting is required.