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Fraises, types de ...

Router bits can be manufactured to suit just about any desired profile. Here is a summary of the most frequently used router bits:

Straight bits are the most common type. They are used for working in or on the workpiece or on its edge. The plunge router is guided by a rail or a parallel guide.

Edge forming bits are usually guided by a steel pilot or a ball bearing. These router bits are guided along the edge of the workpiece, i.e. the bit follows the contour of the workpiece. All router bits are also suited for use of the plunge router mounted into a stationary routing table. Multi-form bits, stile and rail cutters and panel raiser bits are only for stationary use in a routing table.

The router bits presented above are only a partial selection of possible shapes. With special router bits and by combining other available bits you can create just about any profile you can think of.