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Kilowatt [kW]

Kilowatt [kW]

Kilovatio [kW]

Kilowatt [kW]

The power output of an electrical appliance is calculated by using the formula
P [watt] = U [volt] x I [ampere]
i.e. the power output is the product of voltage rating and amperage. The unit of measurement for the power output is watt (W). This statement is only true for direct current. For AC and rotary current the unit of measurement is voltampere (VA). The difference between VA and W in AC powered tools is negligible, and therefore the power output is usually measured in watt.

Decimal fractions of watt:

Nanowatt = 1 x 10 -9 W nW
Mikrowatt = 1 b>x 10 -6 W µW
Milliwatt = 1 x 10 -3 W mW

Multiples of watt:

Kilowatt = 1 x 103 W kW
Megawatt = 1 x 106 W MW

(See also ?Power output?)