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Insulation materials, general

Isolierstoffe, allgemein

Aislantes, generalidades

Matières isolantes, généralités

Insulating materials are all substances with high electric strength and tracking resistance. Their properties are influenced by many additional factors; they depend on purity, humidity and natural ageing processes.

The well-known insulators ceramics, glass, mica, paraffine, bitumen and rubber are complemented by a large number of modern insulators which are used to engineer power tools. Some of them are listed here: epoxy resin and polyester as casting resins and molding compounds, phenolic molding compounds with organic and inorganic fillers, from polyamide via polyethylene to polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene.

Hard porcelain, titanicum ceramics, steatite, quartz glass and transformer oil are mainly used in energy and high voltage technology.