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Coordinates are numerical values which define the position of a point in two- and three-dimensional space.

The zero point for the drawing (coordinate origin) is automatically required when a new file is created by the CAD program of a routing and drilling centre. It can also be changed in the settings menu with the zero point function.

The numbers on the X-axis right from the zero point are positive. The numbers on the upright Y-axis are also positive.

If the zero point for drawing is set to the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, then all points on the screen will have a positive x value and a positive y value.

Points with random x or y values are set in the Point menu with the Coordinates function.

Any point in a two dimensional coordinate system can be defined with x and y values. Points in three-dimensional space are defined by the z-axis. The numerical values on the z-axis define the infeed depth. The numerical value for the infeed defines the penetration depth of the applied tool from the surface into the the work piece.