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Trade designation


Denominación comercial

Désignation commerciale

Until a few years ago, the trade designation for BOSCH power tools was contained in the ten digit order number.


angle grinder, order number 0 601 347 003 trade designation 1347

Today, the trade designation is composed alphanumerically and independent of the order number. It consists of four main elements.


G WS 9-125 CE

The first letter assigns the machine to its range of possible applications:

A = outdoor tool

C = DIY (Combi)

G = for trade and industry

M = micro-tool, etc.

P = DIY (Profi)

U = professional (Universal)

The following group consists of two letters only. It defines the machine in German language for example:

BH = rotary hammer (Bohrhammer)

BM = drill (Bohrmaschine)

SH = demolition hammer (Schlaghammer)

ST = jigsaw (Stichsäge)

WS = angle grinder (Winkelschleifer), etc.

The following numbers represent the key technical data, often abbreviated.


GWS 7-115

  7  750 watt
115115 mm disc diameter

The following letters represent certain features.


P = orbital action (Pendelung)

A = dust extraction (Absaugung)

E = electronic control (Steuerelectronic)

Some letters can have multiple meanings, depending on the type of tool, for example:

R = Right/left rotation (Reversible), for example in drills, or vibRator in vacuum cleaners

B = Bow handle on jigsaws or Brake in chainsaws

The following two letters always have the same meaning:

E = Electronic control

C = Constant-Electronic