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Teak is one of the best-known deciduous tropical timbers. It mainly grows in Southeast Asia in countries like Thailand and Burma . With the growing export of this timber the native forests were transformed into plantations starting 100 years ago. The wood is modestly heavy, pressure-resistant and very bendable. Good stability, high consistency in form and joints, acid-resistance and hydrophobia are typical properties of teak.

Its optical characteristics are a distinct grain structure when the wood is dry, and its grey to brown colour, which darkens strongly with age. Teak can be well processed with TC-tipped cutters. Pre-drilling is recommended before nails or screws are used. Surface film formation and drying after surface treatment with polyester-based varnish are disturbed by the wood, the coats of paint lasts moderately long.
The wood is very hardy and decorative and is found in many applications: as structural timber for heavy-duty purposes, in shipbuilding and outdoor construction, for internal fittings and decorations, for doors, windows and parquetry, for decorative and high-quality furniture, for carved and turned pieces.