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Tap chuck


Mandril de machos de roscar

Mandrin de taraudage

Tappers are equipped with two-jaw chucks , as a rule. Two-jaw chucks are special chucks for square shanks which you find, for example, on taps. As with a key-type chuck, the gripping jaws are tightened from the outside with a chuck key which turns a threaded spindle working in opposite direction. Many two-jaw chucks are equipped with a cardan suspension to compensate for the imprecision of the guiding hand.

Plug-in inserts are available for industrial power tools which are meant for use in quick change chucks for the rigid mounting of a tap drill. The external fitting corresponds to a 7/16"-hexagonal shank, the internal fitting is dimensioned for M5, M6, M8 and 1/4" tap drill shanks.