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Sprinklers are designed to irrigate large surfaces for a prolonged period of time. We distinguish between sprinklers with continuous waterflow and impulse sprinklers.

Sprinkler with continuous waterflow
Rotary sprinkler: the sprinkler rods revolve around a vertical axis and irrigate a circular surface.

Rectangular sprinkler: the sprinkler rod swings around a horizontal axis irrigating a rectangular area.

Jet sprinkler: A stationary nozzle ejects a beam of water straight into the air where it spreads out like an umbrella. Limited range.

Rotary-head sprinkler: Like jet sprinklers, however diferent spraying nozzles are designed to sprinkle the desired irrigation area (round, square or rectangular).

Pulse sprinkler
The water jet is ejected horizontally and then atomized by an interruptor. At the same time the ejector nozzle is set in rotary motion by a deflector. A circular area is sprinkled. Adjustable stops can be set to activate a reversing lever which means that you can limit irrigate sections of a circle. The angle of the outcoming jet of water can be adjusted to adapt the range to local requirements. Pulse sprinklers can have a large range.