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Speed, reduction, modification, control, regulation and speed stability

Drehzahl, -abfall, -änderung, -steuerung

Revoluciones, reducción de, modificación de, control de, regulación de y constancia de

Vitesse de rotation constante

The reduction of speed is an inevitable characteristic of all electric motors and usually explained by their specific properties. In some applications, a speed drop is welcome, whereas other applications require constant speed.

Modern electronic components can compensate undesired loss of speed by:

Speed control

The tool operator has the possibility to change the speed of the drive spindle to suit the required type of application. He can push the electronic control switch and accelerate or reduce speed, however this has to be done consciously and manually.

Variable torque and speed

Specific programs are stored in the electronics for this type of speed modification. These are automatically activated following a comparison between actual and desired values. This allows the operation of machines with high speed consistency. (See also Types of Electronic Control)