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Fresadoras de superficie


The portable routing machine is an electric power tool with a rotary cutter which is designed for the chip-removing shaping of wood and other materials. It can be used for example for edge forming, fitting and trimming work. The drive shaft carries a router bit with shank which is predominantly positioned at right angles (vertically) to the guide surface.

Routing machines are tools with direct drive which utilise the high rotational speed of the universal motor to drive the router bit without transmission. Routers are capable of performing a great variety of tasks, of which the following is only a small selection:

Straight routing or groove cutting
Core box routing
Laminate trimming
V-grooving and lettering
Decorative grooving
Frame routing
Edge forming
Rounding over
Long-hole routing
Copy routing 

and many more.

In North America routers are often used instead of jigsaws. The multitude of router bits gives an idea of the many possible applications.

Routers are equipped with a cage guided by two columns with a stroke depth of 35 to 80 mm. The guide columns are attached to a stable aluminium baseplate. The baseplate has a non-stick surface or an exchangeable plastic sliding shoe. Quick adjustment, turret depth stop, spindle lock for fast router bit changing, preselection of rotational speed with Constant-Electronic, smooth starting, ergonomic arrangement of handles: these are standard features of modern plunge routers.

Collet diameter for application tools: 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm and 1/4", 1/2" and 3/8".