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Rotary screwdrivers


Atornilladoras rotativas


General term for different types of screwdrivers/wrenches which do not conform to the technical principle of an impact wrench:

Screwdrivers with ratchet clutch
for standard screw connections with adjustable clutch and medium torque accuracy.

Screwdrivers with adjustable ratchet clutch
and separately adjustable automatic switch-off for consistently high torque accuracy.

Standstill screwdrivers or air motors with direct drive
These machines are under load until standstill; the required torque is set by adjusting the operating pressure.

Impulse screwdrivers
are known for their low restoring torque and high torque accuracy.

Stud screwdrivers
are tappers with adjustable safety release clutch and a special stay bolt chuck. Stay bolts are threaded rods or bolts without a head.