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Rated input, output

Nennaufnahme, -leistung

Potencia nominal

Puissance nominale

This is the machine power in watt specified on the identification plate; power tools always state the power input or consumption. It is defined as the power input in watt which is measured during constant load in the hottest location in the electrical section at a temperature of 105° C under the assumption of a constant outside temperature of 20° C. If the measurement is not based on values obtained during continuous running duty, it has to be stated on the tool identification plate if it is based on intermittent periodic duty or short-time duty.
The rated power input is calculated with the formula:



U x I (VA)* (W)



voltage V (volt)



current A (ampere







* Since in universal motors the cosJ is almost 1, one can also use the familiar watt (W) instead of VA.
(See also ?Power input?)