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Finishing sanders


Lijadora orbitale

Ponceuse vibrante

Power tool designed mainly for fine sanding and finishing surfaces on various materials. A finishing sander has a usually rectangular sanding pad which oscillates parallel to the processed surface.

With approx. 6000 to approx. 25 000 oscillations per minute and an orbit of 5 mm, efficient and neat sanding is a breeze. Sanding paper or linen is attached as an abrasive to the sanding pad. Integrated dust extraction ensures environment-friendly sanding. Additional control electronics allow pre-selection of the orbital rate and make this tool ideal for fine sanding appropriate to the material involved.

Used for preparatory and follow-up sanding of hardwood, plywood, softwood, paintwork and filler with high-density standard sanding paper or linen. For preparatory sanding of soft and resinous wood one should use sanding paper with a more open grain distribution, for paint removal and preparatory sanding of varnished surfaces one should use metal-foil based TC coated sanding sheets.