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Environment-friendly power tool operation

Umweltfreundlicher Betrieb von Elektrowerkzeugen

Funcionamiento ecológico de las herramientas eléctricas

Fonctionnement non-polluant des outils électroportatifs

Environmental pollution is not only caused by non-degradable substances, but also by dirt, dust, masonry drillings and, of course, the noise from power tools. A number of measures to improve the environmental impact of power tools were introduced by BOSCH in the past. Integrated dust extraction which is found in rotary hammers, finishing sanders, belt sanders, random orbit sanders, universal routers, and slot cutters, is an important contribution to environmental safety.

Other power tools like angle grinders, circular saws, jigsaws, portable planers, plunge routers, panel planers and thicknessers have an adapter to connect a vacuum cleaner. And finally, masonry drillings can be removed almost dust-free by using an extractor attachment and a vacuum cleaner. To reduce ventilation noise to a bare minimum, BOSCH has developed a special type of extractor fan, the "ultrasonic" cooling fan.