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Atornilladora taladradora


operate on the speed of a drill and are equipped with a feature which makes the drive spindle stop automatically when you stop drilling/screwdriving. They can also be equipped with a torque adjustment and limitation feature. Drill/drivers are used to screw in sheet metal screws, self-drilling screws, dry wall screws, par-
ticle board screws, self-tapping wingnut screws and flush-fitting screws in any of their many applications for interior fittings and decorations, in wood or metal underlays, to fasten gypsum board on thin metal structures or profiles and on wooden underlays. The built-in electronic control allows rotational speed adjustment to suit various building materials. The adjustable depth stop makes it possible to drive countersunk screws into the material parallel to the surface without damaging the screwhead or the bit. A specific torque setting is required when a screwhead comes into contact with a hard surface. Drill/drivers are available as pistol grip screwdrivers, and, as with drills, different types of motors are used:

- Universal motor (series motor), mains-powered

- DC series motor, battery-powered

- Slide valve or rotating piston motor, air-powered

Drill/drivers, mains-powered

for depth-limited screwdriving in sheet metal, wall and wood screws.

Maximum Capacity 6.3 mm

Maximum Power 600 W

tool holder 1/4" hexagon socket (spring catch)

for torque-limited screwdriving

Maximum Capacity 8 mm

Maximum Power 600 W

tool holder 1/4" hexagon socket (ball and/or spring catch)

Drill/driver, battery-powered

Maximum capacity 6 mm

Rating from 7,2 Volt

tool holder 1/4" hexagon socket (spring catch)

Drill/driver, air-powered

for industrial use, for depth-limited driving sheet metal, wood and construction screws.

Maximum screw capacity 6,3 mm

Maximum torque 1.5?8 Nm

tool holder 1/4" hexagon socket

Reversing drills are not drill/drivers. Drill/drivers must have a feature which brings the drive shaft automatically to a halt when you stop screwdriving (DIN VDE 0740, Part 1000, Power tools, Terms).