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DIY power tools


Herramientas para aficionados

Outils destinés aux bricoleurs

The do-it-yourselfer buys a power tool

- to save money by doing things himself or
- to perform work which he otherwise could not
  do by hand or only with great difficulty.

The machine should be as versatile as possible ? the demand for attachments is still high and it should be tailored to suit the technical know-how of the user; that explains the popularity of electronic displays showing the various settings and operating modes. External appearance, weight, vibration, dust and noise production play a considerable role for users (women) and the operative environment (neighbourhood). The demands on durability and service life are high. The tool should last a lifetime! However, the amount of work to be performed is rather small. 1000 dowel holes are a lot for a domestic user.

The program of machine types has been tuned to the requirements of the DIY worker, e.g. there are no screwdrivers, shears, nibblers, drills (only hammer drills!), straight grinders, percussion hammers, etc. This is also reflected by the tool models available. The BOSCH DIY program features 2 large angle grinders and 2 hammers compared with 16 two-handed angle grinders and 11 hammers in the professional program.

The price is very important for the purchase, since the true cost-value relationship cannot be easily judged at the time that the purchase decision is made. The packaging must provide information on the contents with text and illustrations, since the product is often chosen without professional assistance, and it could also be purchased as a gift.