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Cutting speed


Velocidad de corte

Vitesse de coupe

The cutting speed is specified for chip-producing work on different types of materials; it ensures the best possible work results. By using the familiar formula one can obtain the required values:


x   n   p

  Vs =   









d = diameter of the rotating body(m)

n = drive speed (1/s)

Vs = cutting speed

Use this rule of thumb for a quick calculation:


 Vs x 60

n =  



   d x

This is the formula to determine the speed:


 Vs x 60

d =  



   n x

In case of reciprocating action (e. g. stroke-type saws) the cutting speed is calculated from the stroke length and the stroke rate per unit of time. Here one has to note that the stroke rate is not uniform. It is the highest in the middle of the stroke and drops to zero at turning points. Therefore one has to assume an average stroke rate. As a rule, saws only use one stroke direction for sawing.