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Cordless impact drill/drivers


Atornilladora taladradora de percusión ACCU

Perceuse-visseuse à percussion sans fil

Cordless impact drill/drivers are equipped with a torque clutch and an additional ratchet impact system. This combination makes the three switch positions
? drilling without impact
? drilling with impact
? screwdriving with torque clutch
possible. Since drilling and impact drilling require high rotational speed, screwdriving, however, low rotational speed, the speed ranges are relatively far apart from each other. The first speed step for screws has a typical rotational speed of between 450?650 rpm, the second speed step for drilling and impact drilling usually ranges between 1600?2000 rpm.
The combination of clutch and impact mechanism makes cordless combis
somewhat heavier and therefore less manageable, but more suitable for
all-round use than single-purpose drills or drill/drivers.