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Conductors, electric

Leiter, elektrisch

Conductor eléctrico

Conducteurs électriques

Conductors are carriers of electricity. They serve as uninsulated overhead lines or as insulated conductors for the supply of electrical energy to the consumer. A number of metals have good electrical conductivity, their specific resistance d is expressed in

          1 Ohm mm2

Copper is a suitable material for electric power lines or wires, it has a specific resistance of d = 0.01754. Aluminium conductors with d = 0.0286 are mainly used for the construction of high-voltage overhead power transmission lines due to their low weight. Bronze with d=0.04?0.05 is used for contact wires. Only silver with d = 0.015 has a slightly better conductivity than copper and is used for surface improvement in high-frequency engineering. The conductors in power cables are individually insulated to prevent contact with other conductors.