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This term has several meanings and is used to describe different properties. Basically, capacity is the maximum content or production capability in relation to volume or time.

The capacity of a container is its maximum content of bulk or mobile substances, liquids or gases.

Power Tools
The capacity of power tools is regarded as the production or operating capacity, i.e. the number of drilled holes per unit of time for drills, the number of screws per battery charge for a cordless screwdriver, 2 cm of cut per unit of time for saws.

The capacity (capacitance) of a capacitor refers to the electrical charge which can be stored by it. The unit of measurement is farad, mF, µF, pF.

The capacity of batteries is the stored electrical energy. Units of measurement are Ah, Wh.

1 Ah means that a connected electrical appliance with a power consumption of 1 A can be run for one hour.