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Battery or power pack


Bloque ACCU


A battery or power pack is the combination of individual NiCd cells as one battery unit in a single housing. The rated cell voltage of approximately 1.2 volt is also the operating machine voltage of the battery. Power packs can be changed very quickly.

For high-power tools, Bosch uses 36 V batteries. The high voltage is ideal for these applications, as the electrical currents can be kept low even at high performance levels. This minimizes thermal and electrical losses and significantly improves the system's efficiency.

All Bosch tools using this new technology feature electronics designed to prevent damage to the tool or battery from overload, overheating or excessive discharge. LEDs display the charging state of the batteries at the press of a button. The batteries may be charged while in any charging state, as memory effect is not a problem for lithium ion technology. In addition to their generous cooling surfaces, the batteries feature integrated thermal management that interacts with the fan of the charging unit for especially short charging times.