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Angle grinder


Amoladora angular

Meuleuse angulaire

The angle grinder is a power tool used mainly for surface and circumference grinding (abrasive cutting or cut-off grinding) on various materials, but mainly metal. The drive shaft is positioned at right angles to the motor shaft. Angle grinders have a maximum speed appropriate to their disc diameter.

Small angle grinders

are hand-held angle grinders for roughing, cutting and surface grinding by tradesmen and farmers, in workshops and industry as portable tools.

Small angle grinder with universal motor

and speeds of 10 000 RPM with disc diameters of 115 mm or 125 mm. Peripheral speeds of 60 m/sec or 80 m/sec are common, however with this type of angle grinder there is a speed drop between full-load operation and no-load operation.

Small angle grinder with universal motor
and Constant-Electronic

The speed of this machine is kept constant under load. With optimum grinding results the electronic control saves up to 20% in grinding costs. Built-in overload safety by electronic current limitation.

Small angle grinder with universal motor
and Constant-Electronic and additional
speed reduction

Briefly applied contact pressure is enough to maintain the desired grinding speed of 11000 RPM. The automatic speed reduction feature lowers noise by 60%. Built-in overload safety by electronic current limitation.

Small angle grinder with universal
motor and stepless speed selection,

Constant-Electronic maintains the speed at a constant level. Built-in overload safety by electronic limitation of current is possible. This grinder is recommended for special applications like polishing, brushing, cutting, rough grinding and sanding various materials.

Large angle grinders

These angle grinders are designed for heavy-duty cutting, rough grinding, sanding and brushing. Several performance categories between 1200 and 2500 watt and for 8500 and 6500 RPM respectively are available.

Special angle grinder with universal motor

Cut-off grinder with top handle for extremely deep cuts to 100 mm in steel or stone and with a power input of 2500 watt at 5000 RPM. This grinder is equipped with a cutting guide for safe operation, a safety guard with dust extraction adapter is available as special accessory.

Mainly used for stone processing with cup wheels. Water supply by a special sealed transmission flange.

Large angle grinder as polisher

A polisher is a power tool with rotating machine tool for the polishing of various materials and for dry stone sanding. A polisher can have several speeds.

The machine tools are used on their sides and circumference. The rotational speed up to 2000 RPM of the machine is rather low in comparison with other grinders.

Due to its rather low circumference speed of up to 16 m/s, a polisher can be used without a safety guard.

Angle grinders with HF motor
are available with power inputs from 470 to 3400 watt and speeds of 1100 to 12.000 RPM.

Air-powered angle grinders

are also known as vertical grinders and are available with the usual speeds and power output of up to 3500 W.